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How to Navigate on Desktop
1. Google Chrome preferred
2. Clear cache just in case!
3. "Sort by" allows you to search by categorizing from newest, to alphabetized to lowest or highest price
4. Use SEARCH BAR to enter A PARTICULAR note, title of scent or brand name 
5. Click "The Brands" TOP RIGHT OF tool bar and narrow it down to brand you want.
6. Scroll through the entire store by clicking "Perfume Store" on tool bar. Red arrow on the side will help you ZOOM back up

Mobile Navigation
1. Click on grayish "burger" box on the top right so that you can click on specific brands.
2. Use SEARCH BAR to enter AN ingredient, title of scent and/or brand name
3. Simply scroll starting with the newest listed and to climb back to top click RED arrow to the side of screen
4. "Sort by" will allow you to adjust to the newest, to alphabetized to lowest or highest priced

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